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Ysiad is a lifestyle brand with the goal to simplify the life of busy humans. Ysiad Beauty Water® includes two beverages. Ysiad Lemon enhances hydration + beauty with electrolytes, collagen, folic acid vitamin E and C. Ysiad Lavender a prebiotic water with digestive enzymes which help clean your gut so your body can better absorb the beauty benefits in Ysiad Lemon. 

Our founder is a mom, and an entrepreneur at heart who is passionate about solving problems that positively impact the world and foster human connection. Health, beauty and nutrition were at the root of her upbringing. After years of buying vitamins she could not consistently take yet her water intake was always top of mind, she took it upon herself to address this problem with a functional beverage.


Ysiad partnered with Ocean Blue Innovation group to develop our functional beverages. OBI has worked with leading global brands including Starbucks, Nestle and Pepsi. With a creative design approach, and a strong sustainability commitment, Ysiad Beauty Water aims to disrupt the beverage industry and build a legacy, direct to consumer brand in the years to come. 

Made with all natural and organic ingredients to develop a clean and indulgent beauty water. Ysiad Beauty Water will simplify your beauty rituals and, we selfishly believe, change your life. 

Our Impact

Ysiad is committed to avoid single use plastic containers for its beverage bottling. We plan to use rPET or PET plastic, the most recyclable plastic worldwide. Our goal is to only use PET bottles that contain 25% or less plastic. We will also allow you the option to choose your preference for Glass or Plastic bottling. Glass bottles can be reused and provide a beautiful design aesthetic at home or in commercial spaces.


Upcycling and recycling is part of the Ysiad ethos, to ensure you get our bottles in the right recycling group please visit How2Recycle®. If you're unsure what your curbside recycling accepts, check

How we’re doing our part and giving back:

Nomi Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to create pathways to safe employment and economic stability, their program prevents labor and sex trafficking and empowers women to rewrite the narratives for future generations. Our partnership with Nomi Network is not only linked to our founder, who sits on their Advisory Board, Ysiad is committed to an annual monetary donation from its profits to the program as well as hosting an annual event to drive awareness. To learn more about Nomi Network check out What We DoTo be part of our next event in partnership with Nomi Network, email with the subject line “Ysiad Partnership with Nomi Network”.